Lift off door hinges


If you have a race oriented SRT-4 Neon this is a must have. It makes loading the car easier or if you need to work on something in the dash area. Or if you are taking the car to tech at the track on a hot day having the door off helps keep you from melting.

These are meant for GUTTED doors. We can't feel confident about the lifespan of the hinges with all the extra weight.

The hinges have a tab on the lower hinge to prevent the door from lifting off when shut.

This is for the FRONT doors only! Both driver and passenger (the pic just shows the driver side).

Tips for installing:

-Install the brackets on the door and look at how far the stud sticks past the nut.

-Make a mark on the stud.

-Remove the nut and bracket and trim the stud.

-Reinstall the hinge loosely.

-Remove the fender.

-Install the brackets with bolts snug on the car side.

-With the door open set the door on the hinges.

-Shut it softly and make sure it latches like it's closed.

-Snug the bolts up a little tighter.

-Open the door and pick it up and overbear it some and while doing that have someone tighten the bolts fully.

-Then see how it shuts and adjust as necessary.

Please reach out with any questions!

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  • Manufactured by: Brutal Speed and Tuning

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