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We are excited to bring back remote tuning for the SRT-4 Neon community due to high demand after some downtime to focus on making this process more efficient. With us stepping up to offer this again there are some changes this time:

-All remote tuned vehicles with Fuel Injector Clinic or Injector Dynamics injectors will get standard pricing. These brands offer the best in consistency from set to set and making the remote tuning process smoother overall, on average. We favor Fuel Injector Clinic and can offer a %10 discount on any set of Fuel Injector Clinic injectors when a tune is purchased. Those of you without either of those brands will be subject to a $50 additional charge and any injector larger than 1300cc that's not FIC or ID will be $100 extra. NO EXCEPTIONS!

-This is not a lifetime tune deal. This is for your current setup. It's best to discuss with us your plans so we can guide you down the best path based off our years of expierence tuning more SRT-4's than anyone else.

-The initial price is for one fuel. Additional fuels are extra (example: pump and E85 or race gas).

-We have the right to deny tuning your setup. If you have a mismatched setup and refuse to correct it we are in no way obligated to tune it and will reject or refund payment (this is why we suggest contacting us first).

-For any externally gated setup a boost controller is required. We suggest the Boost Box as it allows great end user adjustability and boost by gear control.

-Understand that if you have a built engine and we are having knock retard that needs to be determined if it's false that you need to research the proper way to read plugs so you can relay information to me and that we can determine whether it's false or not. You may even have to purchase higher octane fuel for testing purposes.

-You need to make sure your car is mechanically sound before this starts. Whether it's boost leak checks or even doing a leak down or compression check.

-THIS DOES NOT OPEN YOU UP TO HOURS OF TELEPHONE TECH SUPPORT! I don't mind answering the occasional question but the primary corespondance will be through email.

-Once the tuning process start a refund isn't an option! Once a file is sent out there is no turning back.

-This service is not tranferable to new owners. If your sell your car before the tune is done the new owner will have to pay full price if he would like to resume the process.

-To receive the injector discount you must first purchase the tune then I will send you the coupon code for the online store.

-HP Tuners will only be supported if you have a Diablo tool to datalog with. Standard HP logging for the SRT-4 doesn't offer near enough parameters for proper, safe tuning. Espeically when tuning remotely.

-For map sensors either Mopar 3bars or Omni Power GM Style 4bars are supported. If you're looking to get a tune there is no reason to keep the stock map sensors due to the OEM map sensors not allowing us to properly see things above 18psi.


Stock engine one fuel with FIC or ID injectors - $350

Add $150 for additional fuel

Built bottom and/or cylinder head with FIC or ID injectors - $450

Add $150 for additional fuels

If you would like to rent a dyno and schedule time for me to be on stand by that is possible as well. That's $500 for FIC or ID injectors. You are obviously responsible for any and all dyno time. The $500 covers my fee only for being on stand by and custom tuning. This covers up to 4 hours.

HP Tuners will be $100 extra for vehicle licensing.


You will send me your original backup off your Diablo tool or HP handheld and a detailed mod list. I will send you a base file and we will verify idle and cruise before we start WOT tuning. Once we start WOT tuning you will be responsible to relay a/f ratio information back to me and ensure the car doesn't overboost during the process. If I feel there is a deeper issue I'll do my best to offer advice on how to fix it but remember I can only do so much through email and it's up to you to make sure the vehicle is ready for tuning.

Please email for any and all questions regarding this process:


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